Frequently Asked Questions

In the Black Spot Cards deck why are the Dark Triad themes marked on the cyan sides of the cards if they are referring to the content on the black side?

So when you have them in your hand you can't see it, and therefore are less likely to try to deliberately influence which of the Dark Triad themes you're picking.

What is the Dark Triad?

It's a group of three pernicious personality traits that have been grouped together for their similarities. They are: Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Psychopathy.

How many cards are there in a deck?

There are 90 double-sided cards (or effectively 180 cards), as well as 2 cards with a brief intro and game rules.

Why are the cards double-sided? Usually playing cards only use one side, what gives?

They're double-sided primarily for three reasons. The first is that if we wanted to make them single-sided the deck would be twice as big, and you would have to effectively keep up with two entirely different decks (making the cards take up twice as much room, and time to organize). Secondly, if we used twice as many cards it would not only cost us more to make, but you would have to pay more to get essentially the same game material. Finally, we have no interest in using twice as many trees for no good reason. Quite the paper saving solution no?

Is Black Spot Cards in any way, shape, or form a suitable replacement for getting psychological help or advice if you need it?

This is our legal disclaimer: No. Absolutely not. It's a game. Get professional help if you're having issues.

Do you ship to my country? 

If your country isn't the United States, no. We may expand distribution to other English-speaking countries with time though.