Some Backstory

When we created Black Spot Cards and Pick a Hill it was with one goal in mind: to give people an opportunity to connect with the people around them, without phones, or computers, or having to make awkward conversation with strangers at a wedding. The travel-friendly size of the card games will help with that.

The kind of stuck-in-a-cabin playing card games all night with friends that you’ll never forget kind of connections are what we're after. To empower people to learn about themselves and their friends using principles based in psychology in a way that doesn’t put people to sleep. And to push back against the growing amount of loneliness in society.

Plus we like the idea of getting more people to appreciate our morally dubious sense of humor.

Black Spot Cards is a simple fill-in-the-blank card game to play with your friends and associates. And Pick A Hill is for arguing with the same associates in a winner-takes-all game of verbal carnage! We didn't pull any punches when we made these playing cards, so we hope you won't when you're playing them.


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